Buffing and Recoating


With years of foot traffic, hardwood floors can become “dull”. If your hardwood floors are still in good shape (no major dents, scratches or damages and no stains), but have lost their shine, Innovative Hardwood Floors may be able to bring your hardwood floors’ luster back with cleaning and buffing and recoating, instead of having them sanded and refinished, which is a more costly process.

Buffing will not remove stains from your floors, but will restore luster to your hardwood floors. A clear protective coat finish is applied after the floors have been buffed. The clear coat, which is a Eco-friendly finish for your home or office will enhance luster and protect your hardwood floors.

To find out if your floor can be restored with buffing and recoating, call Innovative Hardwood Floors today or fill out our online contact form to request to be contacted for a free in-home estimate.