Sanding and Refinishing

Sanding and refinishing are used for two main reasons – to bring back the original glamour of hardwood floors and to change their color.

Overtime, hardwood floors get scuffed, discolored, and dented. Whereas it is sometime acceptable to have hardwood floors that look worn, in a home, they can become unsightly and corrective action is needed.

Solid hardwood floors can be refinished multiple times. Old hardwood floor that was covered by carpet or vinyl laminate can most of the time be brought back to life through sanding and refinishing. The result can be nothing shy of spectacular.

Sanding your hardwood floor will eliminate undesirable scratches and dents and bring back the original natural look and color of your hardwood floors. The process of sanding and refinishing hardwood floors is time consuming and labor intensive, but the results are nothing less than impressive.

Sanding hardwood floors is a dusty process, but Innovative Hardwood Floors uses dustless sanders to limit the amount of dust generated by the process and takes all the necessary measures to protect your furniture and personal property before starting the process.

When sanding is completed, floors are thoroughly vacuumed to remove all dust so the surface is clean and ready for the application of multiple coats of stain and finishes. Innovative Hardwood Floors offers several stain colors you can choose from. You can also provide your own stain if you prefer or ask Innovative Hardwood Floors  for recommendations.

If you are interested in an estimate for sanding and refinishing your existing hardwood floors, call Innovative Hardwood Floors today or fill our online contact form to request a free in-home estimate.