Hardwood Floor Repairs


Hardwood floors are durable and easy to maintain. However, they can get damaged. Normal wear and tear, accidents such as fire or a water leak, dropping something heavy and sharp on your hardwood floors, walking with high heels on them, a mishap with another remodeling project, etc… Whatever the cause, Innovative Hardwood Floors can repair and restore your hardwood floors to their original beautiful condition.

One concern you may have is that the area to be repaired won’t match the color or grain of your existing hardwood floor boards. The specialists at Innovative Hardwood Floors have years of experience working with hardwood floors. If your hardwood boards are cracked, scratched, chipped, dented or warped, Innovative Hardwood Floors will expertly repair and restore them and match them seamlessly with your existing hardwood floors for beautiful results.

To get a quote to repair or restore your hardwood floors, call Innovative Hardwood Floors today or contact us via our online contact form. Please note that there is a minimum fee for repairs. Call our office for details.